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Unfortunately this project hasn't been funded on time!

2016 was a phenomenal year.

We held a celebrity boxing match to raise enough money to keep the struggling Masika orphanage and therapy centre for victims of sexual violence based in south kivu, from closing down for good.

Soon afterwards I visited the Masika Centre in DR Congo where I was able to meet the women and children there who were badly in need of help. So would begin a life changing experience for me as I learned of their pain and suffering.

Their living conditions at the Masika centre were atrocious, the environment in which they lived was very poor, as was their diet. Very near to the habitat is a rubbish dump, also a river which runs nearby and which contains human waste, when it floods during the rain season, the sewage runs into the orphanage. I’m sure nobody could imagine what they must endure and this is further to the already unfortunate position they were in before they lived here.

A close friend took me to the Meteba Medical Centre, which is where the children and women are taken for treatment when they fall ill. Imagine my shock to see that the conditions of the medical centre were even worse than the condition of their home…

The conditions were horrific, there was no front door on the medical centre, no electricity, no sanitation, it had a roof which leaked and dirt covered everything. Babies were being born here and would often suffer infections because of the environment they are born into.

In response to this I held another charity boxing match, we had a goal to raise £30,000 in order to rebuild the Meteba Medical Centre, thanks to the overwhelming generosity of everyone involved, from the September of 2015 to the March of 2016 we were able to raise over £80,000! People were so supportive.

So thankfully we were able to rebuild the Meteba Medical Centre and now babies are born there to this day, every day! It now also has equipment and the clean environment you’d expect to find in a Western hospital. The medical centre supports everyone in the community, they are all very appreciative of the new facility.

The remainder of the funds has been helping to fund the efforts of the Masika orphanage and therapy centre, they now have food and fresh fruit everyday, the bills are all paid for as are the school fees of the children. As part of the redevelopment of the Meteba Medical Centre, it was agreed that medical treatments for the children of the orphanage would receive free medical treatment too.

My next goal was to redevelop the orphanage but in truth, it’s badly situated for the wellbeing of the children, they suffer violence at the hand of others and they are not in an area that encourages a good upbringing. So instead, I want to build them a new home in the Congolese countryside so they can leave those ugly surroundings in their past.

With what remained of the £80,000 raised, I have bought 6 acres of land in Maluku, which is around 2 hours from Kinshasa, this is where I plan to build an eco village, for the women, the children and the people in the surrounding areas of the land also. The name of the project is Patrice Lumumba evo village, we believe that it takes a village and the sense of community to bring up a child, not to bring them up in isolation. When the orphaned children grow up they will inherit the land and continue to care both for the land, themselves and for others.
The newly built orphanage will support 150 children, will teach entrepreneurship and enterprise skills, teach farming, computer skills including website and ecommerce training, domestic and commercial scale agriculture and also manufacturing for the local community and potentially for export too.

The eco village will continue to develop soon afterwards and with future fundraising campaigns we intend to develop a youth training and adult learning centre, a library, a cafeteria, convenience stores, a youth sport facility, a cinema, a nursery, primary school and secondary school where the children can learn vocational skills, metal fabrication, carpentry, tailoring, hair & beauty and ICT.

Let’s make 2017 as progressive as 2016.

Much respect if you have read this far lol.

I look forward to your support.

Love and light always Chaka.

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