Help me go on a service trip summer 2018

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Hi my name is Lenox. Over the summer i went on one of the most life changing trips of my life. I traveled to Cambodia with a program called Rustic Pathways for 25 days. Throughout my time in Cambodia i participated and completed many service projects such as building a floating house on a floating village, building the foundation of a school, putting fences around the schools to protect the students from the motorcycles, painting boards for the children, working at an elephant conservation, etc. While this trip was a service trip i also was able to connect with a different culture, which i think is very important. This trip had a tremendous impact on me and changed my perspective on life. This trip gave me a new perspective on life and it made me realize there is more to life than material items. In additon i am more grateful because there is a lot of poverty in Cambodia and it made me so happy and so much more appreciative of what my parents have given me because the people there probably have a fourth of what i have, yet they have the fullest smiles and biggest hearts. The reason I am starting this page is becuase it would mean the world to me if I was able to go on another trip like this next summer to make a difference in more families lives and make an impact on the world in any way possible. While my parents gave me the amazing opportunity to travel to Cambodia this summer, I think it is important that i contribute to the payment for my trip. The funds will be used to pay for my next Rustic Pathways service program and the travel fees for next summer (2018). It would be greatly appreciate it if the funds could come as soon as possible because the spots for the programs do fill up fast. It would be so amazing if i could get support for this becuase i really want to go on a trip next year to make a difference in peoples lives because that is really important to me. I would be forever grateful for the help and it would mean the world to be able to go on a trip like this.

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