What is crowdfunding?

and how you can use it to raise funds?

Q.What is Crowdfunding?

A. Crowdfunding is pretty much as it sounds, the raising of funds through a crowd of people.


Q.How can I receive funding?

A. First of all, there’s no guarantee that you will but there’s a good chance. Create a project on Fulltimefundraiser.com and make your proposal, if the people that read your project are interested in contributing to your project or cause, then it’s very possible you’ll receive funding.


Q.How is crowdfunding different to a bank loan?

A. There’s no minimum credit score to meet in order to qualify for crowdfunding. There is no single, large liability investment and you need no equity to put at risk.There is no single decision on whether to provide you with funding, in a crowdfunding community there are many people willing to consider your proposition.


Q.How much can I raise?

A. The target amount of a crowdfunding project should be justifiable, asking too much for a moderate project is likely to turn people away from wanting to fund your project. Whilst there is no maximum amount, the site administrators will be cautious to approve a project submission with an excessive funding target.


Q.What can I raise funds for?

A. If you have an idea for a new business or perhaps you would like to fund the creation of a new product. You might want sponsorship for a charity event or perhaps you or someone you know has personal issues or health problems which can benefit from additional cash.

Projects must be ethical in their purpose, they must not aim to raise funds for illegal activities or for the purpose of achieving personal wealth but instead they must be created with an end goal in mind.


Q.Why would someone fund a project?

A. People have good hearts and a genuine interest in seeing a goal met, a new idea come to fruition or a bad situation turn good! You can add incentives for people to fund your project by offering non cash rewards, so if you’re aiming to fund a new product, you could promise to send them goods from the first batch before anyone else, if they make a contribution of a particular amount.


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